Keel to the Sea

Keel to the Sea

Fishing boats bob at harbour.  I love colour, something this scene offers.  This was a brilliant day…unusually mild for being so early in April.  There was an air of anticipation, as though the boats were waiting for crew – to put out to sea.

But some were not to feel the lap of the waves today.  The squid jigger was unbaited…dreams of ink, labour, and laughter unrealized.


As I See It

I’ve never been very consistent with journaling/blogging, but that doesn’t mean I’m not into sharing.  I am a science type with an artsy side, and have always been crafty.  I inherited that from both parents, who were incredibly inventive and practical.  They had to be, having lived through war and want in their formative years.  How I miss them.

Throughout the past 20 years I’ve learned the basics of decorative painting, and more recently am exploring photography and more formal acrylic painting.  My ever thoughtful husband gave me a good camera a couple of years ago, and has supplemented that with a second lens and a new flash over the subsequent years.  I shoot what interests me…commonly landscapes and macro shots…flowers, birds, and things that speak to me. Truly, what they originally say doesn’t always come across in the photo.  3D to 2D doesn’t always translate.  Some of those are being translated into paintings as I move beyond “decorative art” to “fine art?” (or at least colloquial art.)  But I’ll use this blog space to share some of the images that I love the best, and hope that they have something to say to others, even if it’s not the same message I see.  It’s all about the journey.

Thanks for looking.