Schritt in Meiner Fergangenheit

So you may have noticed that there has been nothing from me for a while.  Or, what is more likely, your lives have been so busy, and My Musings are such a recent part of it, that my absence hasn’t impinged on your consciousness yet.  I’ve had little time to follow the WordPress world either. 
The title of this piece probably gave a few hints.  My heritage is German, and we are visiting family, and taking the time to see some places special in my memory.  I’ve been visiting here since I was a small child.  Slowly my German family has winnowed down to 3 aunts and a handfull of more distant relations and I don’t know that I will be coming here for much longer. 
We are Rheinisch…so people of song, humour, and more than a little good wine.  Ein Prosit der Gemuetlichkeit; and here are a few shots from my tablet. Not the greatest quality, but a good record, none-the-less.


Bismark Tower at Waldeck bei Ingelheim

The attraction here isn’t the tower, as impressive as it is, but the 4 tigers at the neighbouring Pension and Gaststaette, 2 of which were bred and raised here. 


Join me in the pool?

There are rabbits and finches and peacocks also, and sometimes goats.
The first part of the trip was spent near Mainz, so you need a shot of the river, and of the Markt at the Dom.  If you ever go, be sure to visit the Dom Cafe for wonderful kuchen.  And the fleischwurst is good too.




Markt am Dom

Took some time to visit the Frankfurt Zoo too.  The remarkable thing about this zoo is not really its animal collection, but the success it has had with its various breeding programs and that it sits deep in the heart of a big city, yet is accessible and quiet.


Johnny, Johnny, John come along, come along. There are monkeys in the garden sitting in the sun.


Are you lookin' at me?

Sometimes art can be found in the most unexpected places. Like the dining table at my aunt’s seniors home.

Wonderful Watermelon


Wonderful from all sides.

And then it was time to follow the Rhein north to my parents’ home town. (Yes, I know it’s Rhine in English. That’s only for you uninitiated.) So if you are driving along the Rhein there must be castles.


Die Pfaltz.

Don’t try passing here without paying toll in the Middle Ages!


Can you imagine the hours of sweat and blood that went into constructing one of these fortresses?

And there must be vineyards!


Terasses of wine vines along the Rhine.

So now we’ve reached the favourite home of Kaiserin Augusta and Kaiser Wilhelm. The Confluenza of two most important rivers, once ruled by the Roman Empire, and a city full of surprises. I’ll leave you with a few last pictures and hope you’ll visit again for another installment.


Kaiser Wilhelm am Deutsches Eck


Panorama of the Schloss.


Wobble Wall


Careful!!! He spits!


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